Story Telling 2/23/24

I first want to start off by saying that, although I liked the idea of creating a storyboard that allowed me to elaborate on my thoughts, I was a little too reluctant to share my personal problems with insomnia. This week, our class focused on creating a storyboard on any particular topic of our choosing, as long as it relates to something personal. Initially, I wanted to work on creating a story that inspires and motivates people, but I just couldn't come up with a particular story that conveys the words 'determination' to the eyes of the reader." I had some far fetched ideas that could have worked if I had more time to construct my thoughts, but I did not.

The best I was able to do was cover a story about something dark and depressing, but, to be fair, the story I shared is an issue that I personally struggle with every day. Even now, my mind and body crave rest and slumber, but I know that the moment I try closing my eyes, I will remain awake and agonize about it. Sleep deprivation is incredibly annoying, especially when everything around you demands constant change and bustle. If I had more time for leisure, I think everything would be different right now; the timing is just off. I mean, unexpected situations happen all the time, and quickly adapting to them is human nature - but one can only adapt so much.

In my storyboard, I end it with a sad conclusion complaining about how much of a problem insomnia is, but I am only really ending it on a bad note because of my current terrible mood. In reality, insomnia only becomes a struggle when there is something bothering me. I think, for this week, I was really upset about the very little time I have for myself. I believe the time will come, but for now I think it is just important to note for the future when I seek a career and get a job. Some hypocritical advice I would give is that you must value your time, regardless of what anyone says. People will try to use you, cheat you, and manipulate you to chase their short-term goals, and you must do your best to push yourself against these forces to follow your true purpose - whatever that may be! It's a tough competition out there.

I remember when I looked into different methods for fixing sleep and I stumbled upon this article on how military personell are trained to sleep in tough conditions. Aside from being soldiers who are constantly physically active, I think the reason for this method's success is it teaches you to focus on the emptiness of your mind. When you are tired, both physically or mentally, the mind usually does not want to think anymore. I apply this to my sleep routine where if I am unable to sleep from racing thoughts, and I do an activity that exercises my mind to absolute drowsiness.

While we are on the topic of sharing personal ideas, I would like to share my favorite picture of all time. This was a meme originating in the 90's that made fun of a translation from a video game called Zero Wing. Never played it myself but the resonating aura that comes from the picture has always felt like a part of me since discovering it