E/ACC - 5/10/24

Something I've noticed recently about AI is that a cult has been forming around it with a movement that hopes to speed up or "accelerate" the process of AI. The point is to worship AI now so that when the robotic overlord awakens from a self-awarness slumber, it will inevitably rule humanity and spare them. This is part of the Basilik thought experiment . Called "accelerated altruism" or "e/acc" for short, the movements tag will sometimes appear in social media bio's and usernames. Lets just get to the brass of it shall we?

For one, I think this is just a marketing scheme, employed by Sam Altman - he's got a mind that's always five steps ahead.

Secondly is the volatility of the trend, due to its origin simply being the result of the creation of chatGPT, and how quickly it spread. Something inside me just screams "senseless", and I don't believe such movement serves any purpose other than to shift the narrative of who is the righteous and the hero. *Sam Altman*

I am telling the truth when I say that I do know not much about Sam, but I know that he's impactful, and I know that he's been the face of OpenAI, the company known for creating ChatGPT. I know that OpenAI recently put their team in a lobbyist effort to control and regulate AI research, which completely destroys the entire notion of e/acc eccentrism who think Sammy is going down a rightious path to make AI great. He's going to make AI profitable, he wants to be the richest man and join the billionaire club. Let's think about every other company that has set its hallmark in advancing technology. What have they become? What is the result of a beautiful innovation? What happens when new technology gets discovered? They become monopolized to oblivion.

Business has a natural order to how it works in the capitilist world, and I think this fits perfectly with the theme of OpenAI. There is always a catch, and this is a big one. When we think about the real intentions of almost any company for any product, we can ground ourselves back to our realities instead of being manipulated for someone's pockets.


OpenAI is not free, and aims its target to control government to eliminate competition. Chatgpt3 may be available now, but I bet you they will restrict its access to a subscription once they achieved their goals.
What is OpenAI priority as of right now - AI lobbying efforts
Of course they're trying to catch the judicial system by its nose, and I think if they pass any bill conspired by the AI tech leads, we are doomed to watch the United States fall like Rome or corrupted to become another bladerunner scenario.
They want to leverage the powerful technology they developed and completely dominate if not control the market

It's not about AI discovery anymore, it's about attacking our democracy as we know it.